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The Ultimate Bone Broth Recipe - This May Just Be Your New Secret Family Recipe!

You may have had bone broth before, but we'd be willing to bet it was nothing like this!! This Victoria's Natural Market (In Cypress, Texas) inspired bone broth recipe is sure to become your secret ingredient to some delectable dishes or start a tradition of sipping it on cold winter days. This elixir, enriched with beef marrow bones and chicken bones, promises a symphony of flavors and a myriad of health benefits. Follow these simple steps to recreate the recipe that has been cherished by our family for years.


- 1 package beef marrow bones

- 1 package chicken feet or chicken bones of choice

- 3 tbsp Himalayan salt

- 2 tbsp minced garlic

- 2 tbsp cooking fat

- 1 tbsp oregano

- 1 tbsp thyme

- Filtered water


1. Prepare the Pot:

In a 5-gallon stainless steel pot, heat the cooking fat until shimmering.

2. Brown the Bones:

Add the beef marrow bones to the pot, browning them on both sides to enhance the depth of flavor.

3. Add Chicken Feet and Water:

Introduce the chicken feet (or preferred chicken bones) to the pot.

Pour in filtered water, leaving 2-3 inches at the top for boiling room.

4. Simmer on Low for 48 Hours:

Set the heat to low and allow the broth to simmer for a luxurious 48 hours.

5. Season and Aromatics:

About 4-6 hours before completion, add minced garlic, Himalayan salt, oregano, and thyme to infuse the broth with delightful flavors.

6. Continue Simmering:

Allow the broth to continue simmering until the full 48 hours are completed.

7. Strain and Discard Bones:

Once simmering is complete, pour the broth through a strainer to remove bones and other large chunks.

Discard the bones; they have served their purpose in creating a rich and nourishing broth.

8. Cool and Store:

Allow the broth to cool before transferring it into mason jars.

Refrigerate for up to one week or freeze for up to one year.

9. Enjoy Daily for Optimal Gut Health:

Incorporate this wholesome broth into your daily routine, sipping about 1 cup a day to support optimal gut health or add an extra dose of flavor and health benefits to any recipe calling for broth!

A heartfelt thank you to Victoria's Natural Market for sharing this treasured bone broth recipe that has brought joy and nourishment to our family for years. Embrace the simplicity of the process and savor the complexity of flavors in each comforting cup. This bone broth is not just a recipe; it's a tradition, a testament to the timeless wisdom of crafting nourishing elixirs that are certain to stand the test of time.



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