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Our Mission

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Join the movement to make living a naturally healthy lifestyle more accessible! The Natural Health Network is your one stop resource to connect local business and services that support optimal physical and mental health naturally with one another and the communities they serve. The days of trial and error searching for quality professionals goods and services to support your mind and body naturally are over, let us turn your search into found! 

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Our Team


Sarah Rasnick

Sarah Rasnick, a Katy, Texas resident since 2012, is an avid researcher and passionate advocate for alternative health modalities. Her dedication to understanding holistic approaches to wellness has led her to connect with like-minded practitioners and businesses in the Katy area. However, Sarah noticed a lack of marketing resources hindering these holistic health providers from reaching those in need. Drawing from her background in marketing and event planning, she co-created the Natural Health Network—a movement aimed at providing long-term access to resources for natural wellness in Katy.

With her husband and two children by her side, Sarah has dedicated herself to exploring alternative health modalities and building connections with practitioners who share her passion. After struggling to find comprehensive holistic health resources in Katy, she observed an increase in related businesses but noticed their lack of marketing support. Fueled by her marketing expertise and holistic approach to health, Sarah co-founded the Natural Health Network—a transformative initiative designed to connect Katy residents with the resources they need for long-term well-being.

Through the Natural Health Network, Sarah aims to bridge the gap between the growing holistic health community and the people of Katy. Leveraging her marketing and event planning skills, she seeks to empower individuals by connecting them with vital holistic health resources. Sarah's vision is to create a lasting legacy of health and wellness for generations to come in Katy, where access to natural wellness tools, knowledge, and support is readily available to all.

Sarah Rasnick


Leah Bryant

Leah Bryant, a Houston, TX native, is an accomplished entrepreneur, wife, and mother with a background in business management. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success have led her to launch and grow multiple successful businesses, showcasing her strategic planning and leadership abilities.

Motivated by her passion for holistic well-being and a desire to make a positive impact, Leah co-created a Natural Health Network. Through this network, she aims to provide a platform for individuals to share their knowledge, experiences, and resources related to natural and alternative health practices. Leah believes that by fostering a community where people can exchange ideas and information, they can collectively empower others to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Leah is committed to a pescatarian and dairy-free lifestyle, advocating for sustainable and ethical food choices. She also holds a certification as a yoga instructor, using her expertise to promote physical and mental well-being. Balancing her roles as a wife and mother, Leah finds joy in nurturing her family while pursuing her passions.


With her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur, conscious consumer, certified yoga instructor, and co-creator of a Natural Health Network, Leah Bryant encapsulates a multifaceted individual dedicated to business, healthy living, and sharing knowledge for the betterment of others.

Leah Bryant

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