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Whole Life Chiropractic

Dr. Angela Scopel-Levick

Dr. Angela Scopel-Levick, the dedicated practitioner at Whole Life Chiropractic, is honored to share her passion, knowledge, and time to help individuals grow in health and well-being. As a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, her specialization lies in prenatal chiropractic care, focusing on the well-being of both mothers and babies in the local community.

With a commitment to understanding the human body beyond musculoskeletal injuries, Dr. Angela aims to reduce the physical, emotional, and mental load that bodies carry through pregnancy and postpartum. Her expertise extends beyond prenatal care, addressing various life milestones such as puberty, childbearing, premenopause, and menopause.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science, Dr. Angela earned her doctorate from Palmer Chiropractic College. Beyond her chiropractic credentials, she has dedicated over 300 hours to studying functional medicine and nutritional coaching, continually expanding her knowledge to support women through life's remarkable stages.

When not treating patients, Dr. Angela finds joy in the mountains of Virginia with her family, fostering relationships within her community. An advocate for women's health and wellness, she empowers others in their journey of self-growth.

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