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Dr. Felicity Mack, MD

Dr. Felicity Mack is originally from Buffalo, New York who lives in Richmond, Texas with her beautiful family. She is passionate about advocating for her patients and fellow physicians and is an active member of several professional physician organizations. She is dedicated to changing the healthcare landscape for the betterment of her patients and the care that they can receive and access. That's why she is co-founder of Buhay Health & Wellness- with our services she is able offer her clients a holistic approach to their health care incorporating mind, body and spirit into their care.

Here at Buhay Health & Wellness we offer customized IV Vitamin infusions & injections, sustainable approach to weight loss with our weight management programs, functional blood work such as ALCAT Food Sensitivities, MethylDetox, Cellular Micronutrient Assessments. We also help our clients cultivate wellness through Guided Meditation, Wellness Life Coaching, Nutritional Support, and mental health therapy with our  psychiatrist start this summer 2024!  We can accept insurance for some of our services, but most are self pay. We have Cherry & Care Credit for financing options.

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